Консультация по финансами управлению

Консультация по финансами управлению

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Anton Shulyk

Financial advisor

I help entrepreneurs manage finances, increase profits and strategically develop business. Finance is a powerful source of business insights. I will help you to "sort this information out."


My name is Anton Shulyk.

Organising finance is a problem for most entrepreneurs. There are certain specific rules you have to follow. There are accounting processes that have to be conducted regularly. There are budgets and reports that have to be organised. These are necessary essentials for every business which form the foundation for sustainable business growth. I will help you "to sort it out”. 

My Way

Since 2019, I have been managing finances and business project development
Ukrainian entrepreneurs as a partner and consultant. Based on 10 years
of international work experience:



Metallurgy, oil and gas refining, retail trade and production of consumer goods.

    Audit of financial statements in accordance with National accounting statements (NP(S)BU) and IFRS.

    Preparation for consolidation of financial statements in accordance with IFRS.

    Business valuation using DCF models for audit purposes.



International consulting company

    As the CEO increased turnover and staff Civitta 10 times.

    Responsible for finance, management accounting, recruitment and efficiency.

    Advised more than 25 Civitta projects.


General Manager

As the GM launched the international Uber Eats project in Kyiv and ensured the transfer of business to operations management.


Knowledge that helps to build financesunder established international standards



ACCA Certified Financial Accountant (UK)


Nord University

Studied entrepreneurship and finance.
State University of Norway


Kyiv School of Economics

Entrepreneurship and finance.
Entrepreneurship and Finance Program in Ukraine

How to Increase Business Profits

I help to make reports, see problems, develop solutions and implement them in business



Structure the problem and develop a solution

Online consultations on finance and accounting systems. I develop solutions for your business and problem.


CFO for the project

Implement solutions and build a team

Generally the difficulty is to implement. I take responsibility and lead the project to achieve the result. I recruit a team and it starts to work independently at some point.

What Clients Value About My Work

Do as for myself

I prefer long-term relationships to short-term benefits. Because it's more profitable. For each problem, I will choose the most appropriate solution, and then you decide - who to be the performer. Sometimes one consultation is enough to resolve an issue. It is better for someone to replace a team of accountants with outsourcing. Some cases are so complex that I have to work directly . In any case - confidentiality is guaranteed.


First and foremost, I am the manager and build such systems that work without me. I look over business not only as a financial officer, but also as the entrepreneur and the owner. I understand information needs for management and how often it should to be updated. I build accounting systems with interactive reports that are available 24/7 and devoid of the human factor.

Network and communities

Always find the right people from other financial fields through the wide range of organizations and communities in which I participate: LABA and business school lecturers, employees of the Big Four, ACCA-qualified financial officers

Work Criteria

Conditions under which my servicesmaximizes efficiency of your business


Turnover is more than $ 1 million a year

Commonly, this point begins with management difficulties and requires up-to-date financial data for decision-making. Standard approaches are no longer enough, and there is no CFO yet


Direct work with the owner

The owner always has a complete vision of the desired result and development strategy, make quick decisions, and understands the risks of the situation. Implementing the right decisions together with the owner is much faster.


Desire to grow business globally

Search for entry points to international markets, communicate with foreign counterparties and development of products for competition in the international market. All this requires new competencies and people who have been through it.


Help to find individual solutions to worrying problems, that may not be fully structured

How the Consultation Works


Leave the application

Briefly describe the problem (as it really is)


Appoint a date and time

We coordinate time via email or messenger to calmly and comfortably allocate 1-1.5 hours


Consultation (online)

In the format of the conversation, we analyze the problems, identify the causes and define ways to solve them. If it is necessary - I model the numbers in Excel or give examples of documents that need to be implemented and explain the methodology.


Summary - videos, documents, calculations

You will receive by mail a consultation record, examples of documents and calculations needed to solve problems and the opportunity to receive answers upon implementation

Topics Consulted


Analysis of management reporting and development of recommendations for its improvement


Analysis and assistance in collecting management reports from disparate sources


Development of a plan for implementation / improvement of management reporting


Assistance in choosing an accounting system


Analysis of metrics / reporting to identify business bottlenecks


Assistance in preparing a simple financial business model


Express diagnostics of the financial department (according to the client)


Express assessment of business value (according to reporting and metrics)


Benchmark of business financial indicators in the fields of production, agriculture, food delivery

Outsourced CFO services

I lead projects within the company at the stage of launch, growth, and crisis



Create or adapt management accounting. Correct the mistakes of the army of full-time accountants / financial officers. Configure IT systems and automation



Do analytics on financial and operational data and indicators. Give data for decision making (operational and strategic)



Check for abuse of management. An audit of the existing financial systems will reveal inconsistencies



Recruit financial specialists with the necessary set of skills for your business. Write job descriptions and organization of work



Control the correctness of the financial department and key financial indicators in the remote mode



Help to chose the bank and raise credit, attract equity financing or sell the business

Diagnostics and design of the financial department

What We Do?

● Audit of accounting systems● Verificate and recalculate management reports● Interviews with finance specialists● Report with diagnostic results and step-by-step plan of changes● Division of PL into business segments

  • Illustration

    Case 1: Conway Container Solutions SIA

    Container fleet operator in the Baltic States, China 

  • Illustration

    Case 2: MindK

    Web and mobile application development company for businesses and startups

Management accounting and analytics system implementation

  • Illustration

    Case 1: New Empire LLC

    Manufacturer of Asian cuisine sauces and other products for HORECA
    Kyiv, Ukraine, 2019

  • Illustration

    Case 2: Novoselivske-VM LLC

    Agriculture on 3,000 hectares
    Odesa region, Ukraine, 2021

What we do?

● Develop individual management reporting forms● Select an accounting software for the implementation from scratch● Management of the BAS / 1C software product development process● Develop and implement interactive reporting in Power BI● Нire financial specialists● Аnalyze profitability of different business areas● Implement a tax planning system● Оrganize inventory accounting

Financial Controlling

What we do?

● Prepare monthly financial statements (PL, BS)● Оrganize monthly results discussion-calls● Division of PL into business segments● Control of accounting● Assistance in replacing and onboarding accountants● Assistance in obtaining a bank loan● Management of accounting systems completion processes (1C, BAS)

  • Illustration

    Case 1: ORAP

    Wholesale distribution of automotive parts around the world
    Berlin, Germany, 2020

  • Illustration

    Case 2: TCO

    Company-manufacturer of school and office boards
    Kharkiv, Ukraine 2020

  • Illustration

    Case 3: ProfiBudKomplekt

    Production of modular buildings
    Kyiv, Ukraine, 2021

Feedback from Colleagues and Partners

Anton is a great manager and provides his team members with understandable guidance and is ready to help in solving complex tasks during work. But at the same time he encourages to find personal solutions and ways for problem solving. Anton definitely has passion to his work and supports his colleagues even in situations going far beyond his direct responsibilities.


Senior Business Analyst | Genesis Tech


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